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Procedure for VAT refund in Belgium

To refund the VAT guarantee, we require the following documents, properly filled out; all the documents should mention the invoice number, the lots, and a description of the lots:

1. EX-A, customs document, with stamp (manual or electronic) from the customs department, to prove the export outside the EU. (Box E and K)

2. CMR, to prove the transport over the road.

3. Bill of Lading, when the goods travel by boat to prove the transport over the sea.

4. Packlist, a detailed list of the contents of the container or the truck. (preferably by mentioning the lot numbers and description)

All the export documents need to be in the name of the seller. This is NOT Troostwijk NV, but the company mentioned on your pro forma invoice in the upper right corner.

There must be a clear link visible between the CMR, the EX-A, and the Packlist. Only if all the goods are mentioned on the documents and the documents are filled in correctly (as mentioned above), we can proceed with the VAT Refund.

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