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At the location, we check whether the payment has been received in good order. On presentation of the delivery copy, you will receive the registration certificate for safeguarding the vehicle. In most cases, you can arrange this at the nearest post office. There is no transport service available at the location from Troostwijk Auctions. The costs for safeguarding are for the account of the buyer and must be paid immediately during the transfer. Do not forget to bring valid identification. Once the vehicle has been rescued, you can return to the location to pick up the vehicle.

Exporting vehicles abroad:

At the location, we check whether the payment has been received in good order. On presentation of the delivery copy, you will receive the registration certificate and you will take the license plates of the vehicle to the RDW. With these items you go to the nearest RDW inspection station and receive a green document and if you are transporting the vehicle by road temporary license plates (white with black letters/numbers). If you are going to transport them in a car ambulance you do not need these plates.

Registering a vehicle for export.

Proceed as follows to register your vehicle for export:

1. Go (or send someone on your behalf) to an RDW inspection station or RDW desk. You do not need to make an appointment. Here are the business hours ( https://www.rdw.nl/over-rdw/contact/keuringsstations ). You can also go to a company that has been authorised by the RDW for export. You can recognise such a company by its RDW signboard plus the recognition sticker. Please contact the respective company for its business hours.

2. Bring the following with you: - Certificate of Ownership (Part 1B) and the Transfer Certificate or the licence plate card with the owner registration code; Certificate of Ownership or owner registration code is not needed if the registered owner/proprietor brings in the vehicle; - A valid identity document;

- Licence plates (not necessary if licence plates were never made/issued); If licence plates were never made, you can only export the car at an RDW inspection station or RDW desk.

- A copy of the Chamber of Commerce extract (for legal entities) not older than one year;

- Authorisation from the authorised signatory (for legal entities and if you are not the authorised signatory).

3. You will be charged a fee for the Export Service.

4. The RDW or an RDW-authorised company will deregister the vehicle in the vehicle registration system, thereby immediately terminating the registration.

5. You will receive the following from the person assisting you:

- Proof of release of liability (proof that the registration has been terminated);

- Certificate of Ownership (Part 1B) or the licence plate card (with a corner cut off);

- The paper vehicle registration certificate part II for export. You will need this vehicle registration certificate part II, together with the licence plate card or Certificate of Ownership, for registering the vehicle abroad.

6. You will return to the auction location with the proof of release of liability and you can then take the vehicle with you.

7. You may drive on public roads in the Netherlands with vehicle registration certificate part II for a maximum of 14 more days to drive the vehicle out of the country, but no longer than the validity of the periodic motor vehicle inspection (APK). The conditions for this are as follows:

- The vehicle is insured for these 14 days (or as long as the APK is valid);

- You write the existing licence plate numbers and letters on white plates with black, indelible writing. Cardboard plates are not permitted. You can also have these made (in advance) by an authorised licence plate manufacturer ( https://www.rdw.nl/-/media/rdw/rdw/niet-over/overzicht-kentekenplaatfabrikanten.pdf ) (PDF, 879kb). If you choose this option, you will have to show the licence plate card or vehicle registration certificate part 1A (Vehicle Registration).

8. Is the vehicle going to a country outside the European Union or EFTA? If so, you must also go to Customs for an ‘Export Declaration’.

9. Under certain circumstances you may be reimbursed part of the vehicle tax (BPM) already paid. For more information, contact the tax office ( https://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/nl/home/home )

It is advisable that the person who will be requesting a licence plate in the foreign country arrange the export at the RDW personally.

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