For each auction a predetermined collection day is included in the auction conditions.You are expected to pick up your goods on this collection day.If you cannot come to this collection day, it is often also possible to have the lots you purchased delivered.The delivery of lots depends on the country where the auction is organized.Agreements have been made with a number of removal companies / carriers for auctions in the Netherlands.These companies are familiar with Troostwijk Auctions and enjoy working for our customers.

Auction Logistics

Auction Logistics is a logistics service provider with a wide range of logistics services.With their years of experience and flexibility, they are able to perform the following services in a professional manner for you: Machine relocation, and / or dismantling and special transport, container transport and rental containers, distribution network, storage and handling,project-based logistics and service provision, forklift rental, export shipments and seaworthy packaging and transport.


telefoonnummer: +31 (0)162-312 912

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Online Bezorgservice

The Online Delivery Service is the collection and delivery service within the Benelux of the goods you have purchased.Goods we already transport are: kitchens and plumbing fixtures, agricultural vehicles, forklifts, batches of wood, machines, tools and building materials.Don't you need the goods right away or can't you receive them yet?Then that's no problem, we can also store them for you in our warehouse.Request your quote via our website: the Request for Quotation page you can enter your details and place the request.We will send you a quote as soon as possible after receiving the request. On our website we have also listed a few guide prices for you.If you have any other questions, mail them to and we will answer them for you.


telefoonnummer: +31 (0) 347 373 714



Brenger is one of the cheapest delivery service in the Netherlands and Belgium for furniture, small loads and other (consumer) goods.Brenger links your request for transport to the unused space in delivery vans of couriers who still drive that way.Cheap, easy and sustainable!Curious?View the price and book your transport directly on


We recommend not using courier services, there is often a requirement that the products are packed and labeled.

Troostwijk Auctions does not have packaging materials on the locations.

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