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Buyers are responsible for handling the transport, i.e. dismantling (if applicable), loading, and the transport itself. Troostwijk has no responsibilities in this area unless specifically stated in the Auction details. Any tools, lifting devices, and/or means of transportation required for the removal of the goods must be brought along by the transportation company if no indication for dismantling/loading assistance is provided in the auction. The packaging material should be organized on the Buyer's part as well.

Under ‘Auction details’ you will find the option ‘Do you want to ship your lots by one of the specialized transport companies?’ for auctions that are based in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you can select one of the listed logistics companies for collection in Belgium or The Netherlands. If you have lots that need to be collected from auctions organized in France or Switzerland you can contact Bresser. You can always contact our local Troostwijk offices by clicking on the chat button at the bottom right corner. We might have a partner for you who can help you. Please note that any collection agreement is between the Buyer and the selected company.

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