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Procedure for VAT refund in the Netherlands

You must take the goods outside the EU by the end of the 3rd month, after the month of purchase. This scheme also applies to people who settle outside the EU before the end of the 3rd month after purchase. To apply for a VAT refund in the Netherlands send a completed EX-A document by email to info@troostwijkauctions.com stating: your buyer number and the auction number within 2 months of purchase.

All export documents must be drawn up on behalf of the seller. This is NOT Troostwijk Auctions, but the company that is mentioned at the top of the invoice. If the amount is less than € 50,= we do not refund you the VAT, because the bank charges will be higher.

The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are no longer covered by the EU due to Brexit. If there are buyers from the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland, they must pay the entire invoice including VAT. They cannot reclaim the VAT via an EX-A document and must contact the customs/tax office in Heerlen. Telephone: +31 45 574 30 31.

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