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The lot cannot be picked up at the delivery date if the payment has not been received by Troostwijk.

If there is still time before the delivery date you can handle the payment via bank transfer. Please note an international payment will take several days before the amount is received by Troostwijk, which may be after the delivery date. In this case, we request you to send a bank statement by email to Troostwijk. This bank statement must comply with the following conditions:

•Your Buyer number and auction number

•The amount transferred

•The date of transfer

•The account number, name of the account owner, and the SWIFT address to which the payment is transferred (Troostwijk)

•The account number, name of the account owner, and the SWIFT address who has done the payment (your bank details)

•The stamp from your bank

•The name, telephone number, and signature of the bank employee who has drafted the bank statement allowing Troostwijk to verify the statement

•The bank statement must be sent by e-mail by your bank directly to the Troostwijk country that has organized the auction.

Our department of Finance & Administration will review the bank statement and approve the release of the lot once the statement complies with all of the above-mentioned conditions.

Please note: To confirm an irrevocable payment in Germany it should be noticed in the statement, that the bank transfer cannot be withdrawn.

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